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Version 1.7 (not yet released)
Version 1.8 (not yet released)
Version 1.7
* fixed notice in FormProcessor->invokeFormProcessor
* Fixed #9 Error in the default value
# form-processor
The form processor extension gives you the ability to define business logic for handling form submissions.
A form submission could come from the CiviMRF, external system or just a direct submission.
[See **wiki** for more information](
[See **docs** for more information](
The extension is licensed under [AGPL-3.0](LICENSE.txt).
## Contributing
Feel free to contribute to this extension. Create a Merge Request and also add a little description to of what you have changed
## Releasing Process
When one of the admins think it is time to relase a new version they might do so. You can also ask them to release a new version.
Usually this when the release is being tested and put in production.
For admins creating a release those are the steps to follow:
1. Update info.xml to reflect the new version number and release date
2. Remove the 'not yet released' from
3. Copy the changes
4. Go to tags, create a new tag and paste the changes
5. After that update info.xml to add a new version number ending with _-dev_
6. Update changelog add a heading for the new version with the text _not yet released_
## Requirements
* PHP v5.4+
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<url desc="Licensing"></url>
<url desc="Action-Provider Extension"></url>
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