This release REQUIRES that you upgrade mjwshared to 0.9.7.

  • Use CRM.payment.isAJAXPaymentForm() to check if we should load on backend forms. There is no change for the user, we are just switching to an identical shared function to reduce code duplication.
  • Fix #272 "undefined property" PHP notice.
  • Response to test webhook now includes payment processor name from CiviCRM (makes it easier to be sure which payment processor is responding).
  • !137 Update StripePaymentintent.Process API.
  • !136:
    • Use CiviCRM log file for Stripe library errors.
    • Retry once if we can't connect to stripe servers.
  • !135 Add hidden Stripe Country setting which will be required for paymentRequest button (not yet implemented).
  • Return refund_status_name from doRefund() - this allows you to issue refunds via the UI following mjwshared!12 - Add support for issuing refunds via the payment UI for payment processors that support refunds (eg. Stripe).