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closes #427 - fix 'unknown error' message on failed transactions in WP

JonGold requested to merge JonGold/stripe:wp-error-messages into master

AJAX requests call exit(), which triggers callbacks from register_shutdown_handler(). On WordPress, this causes headers to be sent (by ob_end_flush(). So AJAX requests always return a 200 HTTP response code. civicrmStripe.js expects a 500 code to display an error on-screen.

To replicate this, try to submit a card number that gets declined on WordPress. The test card for this is 4000 0000 0000 0002.

Without this patch, you get Unknown Error - with this patch you'll see the correct message.

Note that without the correct permission, you won't even get Unknown Error, you'll get Sorry an error occurred and your request was not completed. (Error ID: xyz). That needs a separate fix - in core, I believe.

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