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* **[BC]**: Items marked with [BC] indicate a breaking change that will require updates to your code if you are using that code in your extension.
## Release 6.7 (not yet released)
#### Features
* Add support for webhook signing.
* Implement setupIntents to perform 3DSecure etc on same form as card details. Previously it would prompt the user for the 3DSecure check on the "Thankyou" page.
#### Fixes / Changes
* Drop support for CiviCRM older than 5.35.
* Update Job.process_stripe to use API4 and clarify that it is NOT domain-specific.
* Don't initialise paymentprocessor twice for IPN. Change stripe_webhook_processing_limit so that 0=never process immediately.
* Fix getSubscriptionDetails when contributionRecur not in CiviCRM.
* Set paymentTypeLabel to 'Stripe'
* Test improvements / fixes.
* Only load handling for drupal webform on drupal sites.
* Use paymentProcessor + stripeClient object in all API calls. Translation fixes.
#### Developers / Integration
* Remove hook `civicrm_stripe_updateRecurringContribution` (we may need to implement something new in future with support for PropertyBag/API4).
* Throw exception when repeatTransaction fails.
* Throw exception on payment failure. Always update the paymentintent status in CiviCRM database.
* Switch final instances of static Stripe library access to object.
* Convert js to functions on CRM.payment and move more shared code to CRM.payment.
* Refactor checks class and move some checks to mjwshared.
* Add getters for Stripe IDs to IPN class.
* Add unit tests for Stripe.Importsubscription/ImportCharge API. Support importing subscriptions with future startdate/trial period (no invoice so we create a template contribution).
* * Provide a more helpful reason instead of 'Bad Request' when payment fails due to expired CSRF token from firewall.
##### Webhooks
* Add new hook [webhookEventNotMatched]( that can be used for creating/matching missing events (eg. contributions created by other systems).
* Implement new `processWebhookEvent` for processing events from the webhook queue and store error message in 'message' field.
* Improve webhook queue error handling.
## Release 6.6.3
* Fix [!170]( Stripe.importsubscription API tweaks.
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<author>Matthew Wire (MJW Consulting)</author>
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