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......@@ -114,24 +114,16 @@ $result = $paymentProcessor->doPayment($doPaymentParams);
##### Observations I suspect need discussion
`doPayment` does not notice if the payment is captured (it assumes not)
and will record only the invoice ID as the Contribution's `trxn_id`.
The function `endDoPayment()` in [CRM_Core_Payment_MJWTrait.php](
is used to filter and construct the return params for `doPayment()` as agreed in [dev/financial#141](
`doPayment` returns an array of fairly mixed stuff:
But.. note that the results may already be out of date because the related objects (contribution etc.)
may have been updated by webhook events received from Stripe.
- Some Contribution fields which may or may not be up-to-date (e.g.
`contribution_status_id` is set to the value for *Pending*, unless a
different value was passed in, yet the contribution status may have since
been updated to *Completed* by IPN or `StripePaymentintent.process`)
- Some left-over API parameters (e.g. `skipCleanMoney`).
- To get the real result you'll need to disregard the data returned from
- To get the real result you may need to disregard the data returned from
`doPayment` and reload the objects, just using their IDs. From there you can
see whether you have a payment intent yet, and what state it is in.
#### Check for SCA requirements
If you’re lucky (and if you didn't set a future start date), everything will
......@@ -148,3 +140,11 @@ allow for the `needs_capture` case, your Javascript must now call
`StripePaymentintent.process`, passing the `paymentIntentID`. This will see
what needs doing, do it, and update CiviCRM records.
#### Things that have changed since this was written.
API3 `StripePaymentIntent.Process` now allows you to implement Stripe [setupIntents](
which allow you to capture the user authentication (eg. 3DSecure) without taking payment.
This is used for creating subscriptions and for delayed payments when you don't know the exact amount until you've completed "checkout".
See civicrm_stripe.js for an example implementation. Note the return values in our implementation are more consistent that paymentIntents.
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