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Cloud Native CiviCRM

Let's get CiviCRM cloud-ready, or at least make a map to doing so!


It is hard to install and run CiviCRM on a PAAS such as Pantheon,, Acquia Cloud,, WPEngine. These cloud services expect applications to be able to handle a dynamic environment whereas CiviCRM expects that it is on a traditional webhost.

This working group is inspired by these articles:

Also, see this list of Cloud Providers on the radar.

Get involved

Let's make a list of issues over in the issue queue of this project. These should be used for discussion, while CiviCRM's regular issue queue(s) should be used for actual work.

So we might end up with issues like #1 (moved) to discuss the fact that WPEngine doesn't allow CiviCRM to write to templates_c without special config, and we'd use issues over in JIRA (etc) to work on addressing these.

How can I help?

  • Make an issue for your favourite cloud hosting provider, try CiviCRM on it, report back your results.
  • Make an issue for something that doesn't work, talk about how we can improve that.
  • Anything you like!