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Call IPN->main() from inside a try catch to allow loops

parent ab800724
......@@ -97,7 +97,12 @@ function civicrm_api3_stripe_Ipn($params) {
// CRM_Core_Payment::handlePaymentMethod
$_GET['processor_id'] = $ppid;
$ipnClass = new CRM_Core_Payment_StripeIPN($object);
try {
} catch(Throwable $e) {
return civicrm_api3_create_error($e->getMessage());
if ($params['noreceipt'] == 1) {
  • mentioned in merge request scardinius/mjwshared!1 (closed)

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  • Author Maintainer

    I haven't created a pull request for this yet because it depends on this other one, which implements the setExceptionMode method.

  • Author Maintainer

    This change will make possible to call the Stripe.ipn API in a loop, catching the generated exceptions. There is an example implementation of what would be possible: here.

  • mentioned in merge request extensions/mjwshared!5 (closed)

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