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    extdir - When filtering by version, support forward-compatibility among 5.x · 0dbac544
    totten authored
    * For versions <=4, compatibility tests are exact.  Thus, a site running
      '4.6.20' would only see extensions that were tagged `<ver>4.6</ver>`
      but not `<ver>4.5</ver>`. This preserves existing behavior.
    * For version 5, forward-compatibility is assumed.  Thus, a site running
      '5.1.0' would see extensions that were tagged as '<ver>5.0</ver>' or
      '<ver>5.1</ver>'.  Also, because `5.{$y}` is really a continuation of
      `4.7.{$z}`, we include extensions from "4.7".
    * This assumes that we prefill the list of taxonomy terms (e.g.  "CiviCRM
      5.0" through "CiviCRM 5.36").
    See also: https://lab.civicrm.org/development-team/Release-Management/issues/1
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