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Normalize api

jamie requested to merge jamie/stripe:normalize-api into 6.6

This is a major refactoring of the API.

I am removing the StripeSubscription api entirely - since that DAO no longer exists. There were two actions in it that were only used for upgrading previous versions, so those are gone for ever. And there was an import action. I've replicated the import action as Stripe.Importsubscription.

In addition, I've normalized all of the Import actions, so we have:

  • Importallsubscriptions
  • Importsubscriptions
  • Importsubscription
  • Importallcustomers
  • Importcustomers
  • Importcustomer

And lastly I've added:

  • Importcharge

Combined with the new Listevents, we should now be able to run Listevents, and any missing or out of sync charge can be fixed using either Ipn (if we still have a notification) or Importcharge if we no longer have a notification.

This is a WIP because I haven't fully tested it all yet. If you are planning on releasing the next version, it might be best for this to go into the version after the next release.

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