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Resolve price set radio button styling

brienne requested to merge brienne/radiobuttons:amount_button_fix into master


This PR addresses the reported issue that the amounts buttons, when using a Contribution Price Set, are not formatted with the radiobuttons styling.

Reproduction steps

  1. install and enable the radiobuttons extension
  2. go to Administer > Custom Data and Screens > Radiobuttons Settings
  3. select Yes for the Enhance the Contribution Page and Event amounts? field
  4. create two Contribution pages, one with a Contribution Price Set, and the other using the quick config options on the *Amounts tab
  5. open either the ‘Test-drive’ or ‘Live’ of both Contribution page and note the difference in the amounts buttons


When using a Contribution Price Set, the amounts options are not styled by the radiobuttons extension as expected, whereas they are styled correctly if using the quick config option.


If Enhance the Contribution Page and Event amounts? is marked as Yes, both the quick config and the Contribution Price Set options are styled as expected.

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