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Refactor API call to fix payment processor name issue

John Twyman requested to merge jtwyman/mjwshared:fix/processorcheck into master

This merge request addresses issue #19 (closed) - where CiviCRM installations that don't use Stripe and Globalpayments see errors each time people start a CiviCRM session.

The change has been tested locally and in our shared dev environment. My testing has involved two broad concerns:

  • does the change break any functionality?
  • does the change fix the reported issue?

The first question I've tested by using this extension in conjunction with the GoCardless extension. Inbound webhooks have been captured and queued properly. And processing them has worked as expected.

The second question has definitely been tested. I'm no longer presented with a, "Sorry, due to an error, we are unable to fulfil your request at the moment..." error message each time I login to our Civi environment.

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