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Proposal for widening use case to GoCardless (and others)

Rich requested to merge artfulrobot/mjwshared:artfulrobot-1 into master

After a lot of research and discussion with @mattwire, I think this is the way to go.

  1. changes schema (upgrader included): adding indexes, fields, modifying existing fields to be more efficent, using 'new' not NULL for status.
  2. a PaymentprocessorWebhook record describes and event, not the contents of a webhook. These are one and the same in systems where one event = one webhook, but for others (e.g. GoCardless) this is an important distiction.
  3. To implement this, Payment processor extensions only need to tweak their handlePaymentNotification method, and add a new processWebhookEvent() method.
  4. Existing Stripe support (legacy code) has been kept for backwards compat.
  5. Docs updated a lot, with sample/pseudo code.
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