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always pass payment_processor_id to Mjwshared.create_payment

JonGold requested to merge JonGold/mjwshared:fix-to-account into master

There are three code paths that call Mjwshared.create_payment. Two of them pass payment_processor_id, the third doesn't.

When payment_processor_id isn't passed, CRM_Contribute_BAO_Contribution::getToFinancialAccount() simply picks the default Asset financial account, which in turns causes the financial transaction to be incorrect.

I'd go a step further and make payment_processor_id a required parameter of Mjwshared.create_payment but I thought I'd check with you. It's not called in Stripe or Authnet extensions, but as an API I'm not sure if it's called from anywhere outside of Mjwshared. Even if it is, that's more a reason to delay making it a required field than not doing it at all.

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