Commit 1cf64d74 authored by mattwire's avatar mattwire

Merge branch 'currencyfix' into 'master'

Fix currency submitted on the form

See merge request !1
parents 24bfae82 ee30a593
......@@ -178,6 +178,10 @@ trait CRM_Core_Payment_MJWTrait {
public function getDefaultCurrencyForForm($form) {
// For contribution pages it is in $form->_values
$currency = CRM_Utils_Array::value('currency', $form->_values);
if (!$currency && is_a($form, 'CRM_Financial_Form_Payment')) {
$currency = $form->getVar('currency');
if (!$currency) {
// For event pages it is in $form->_values['event']
if (isset($form->_values['event'])) {
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