Bugfix release on the force recurring/auto-renew option introduced in 1.10.0. See changes

Improvement to the force recurring/renew option (see note in 1.10.0 and Settings). In 1.10.0 the auto-renew box was getting un-checked by CiviCRM core's code when you changed membership type. This release fixes that case.

As ever, if downloading from here, don't use the "source code" links, choose one of:

  • uk.artfulrobot.civicrm.gocardless-1.10.1.tgz
  • uk.artfulrobot.civicrm.gocardless-1.10.1.zip

Nb. if you don't use the new force-recur feature, there's no difference in 1.10.1 cf 1.10.0