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fix multiple-value parameters

Form Processor doesn't correctly handle multiple-value parameters in an action.

Steps to Replicate

  • Create a new Form Processor with three inputs.
  • Add an action of type "Create/Update Activity".
  • Assign input 1 to "Source Contact", and inputs 2 and 3 to "Target Contact(s)".
  • Save and close.
  • In Try Out, assign values to the three inputs that correspond to existing contact IDs.
  • Press Submit.

Expected Response

A new activity is created with target contacts as specified in inputs 2 and 3.

Actual Response

"error_message": "Action multi value test failed. Caused by target_contact_id is required"


Provider->createdMappedParameterBag() checks if a mapping is an array - but Form Processor doesn't explode the mapping string before passing it to createdMappedParameterBag().

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