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Allow sending to a custom field's value

DaveD requested to merge DaveD/emailapi:to-custom-field-value into master

The use-case was that the client didn't want to create extra contacts that would never be used for anything else and just wanted to store an email address in a custom field, which would then be used as the recipient for an email when a participant status changed.

If people don't think it's useful to add here I can repackage it as a separate extension, just it seemed very similar to the contact reference action so it's a lot of copy/paste of the contact reference action.

I tested with a participant custom field and a contact custom field.


  1. It limits the possible selections to text fields. That is somewhat arbitrary but it prevents people picking money custom fields or something silly.
  2. It doesn't try to validate that the email is a valid email. It will try to send to whatever value is in that custom field.

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