Commit 10e4ddc3 authored by jaapjansma's avatar jaapjansma
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fixed issue in substract field

parent 2efa4ada
......@@ -94,8 +94,10 @@ class SubtractFieldOutputHandler extends AbstractFieldOutputHandler {
if (!$dataSource) {
throw new DataSourceNotFoundException(E::ts("Field %1 requires data source '%2' which could not be found. Did you rename or deleted the data source?", array(1=>$title, 2=>$datasourceName)));
$inputFieldSpec = $dataSource->getAvailableFields()
$inputFieldSpec = $dataSource->getAvailableFields()->getFieldSpecificationByAlias($field);
if (!$inputFieldSpec) {
$inputFieldSpec = $dataSource->getAvailableFields()->getFieldSpecificationByName($field);
if (!$inputFieldSpec) {
throw new FieldNotFoundException(E::ts("Field %1 requires a field with the name '%2' in the data source '%3'. Did you change the data source type?", [
1 => $title,
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