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Standardized naming to prevent open access of the extension

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Created by: vmantese

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I was able to solve this problem but it requires a large amount of rewriting across the repository. I think it stems from the fact that the module confuses civizualize, civisualize, and civizualise quite frequently. I renamed the repository in the traditional manner.

Summary of edits...

Renamed containing file to eu.tttp.civisualize (not possible in github, not absolutely necessary but is nice for consistency and clarity) Changed all instances of civizualize, civisualize, and civizualize to civisualize Changed all instances of dataviz to civisualize

Corrected the first hook in the civisualize.php file from civicrm_civicrm_dashboard( $contactID, &$contentPlacement ) to *civisualize_civicrm_dashboard( $contactID, &$contentPlacement ) *

These changes worked, now Civisualize is not exposed. Before anyone with access to CiviCRM could access any dashboard regardless of their underlying permissions. By making the above edits we are at least able to add a gateway, now you can restrict anyone from accessing any Civisualize pages by using the xml file eu.ttp.civisualize/xml/Menu/civizualize.xml (note the changed containing folder name)

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