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  • 2.11   Version 2.11
    Release 2.11
    • Added action to create relationships.
    • Added action to create a membership
    • Added action to set financial type of a contribution
    • Added condition to check whether a contribution is a recurring contribution
    • fixed issue #53 (#53)
    • fixed issue #46 (the is empty condition on the field value comparison is broken)
    • fixed issue #59 (added triggers for campaign and condition campaign type)
  • 2.10
    Release 2.10

    Version 2.10

    • Added clone butten to the edit rule screen, so you can copy and change only what needs changing (#29)
    • Added configuration for the record type for Activity and Case Activity trigger.
    • Fixed bug in Activity and Case Activity trigger with an empty contact id.
    • Added action to set Case Role
    • Added trigger for new UFMatch record (link with CMS user is added)
    • Removed the Case Added trigger as it causes errors (check #45). To do stuff when a new case is added use the Case Activity Added trigger instead with activity type Open Case. During the upgrade all existing rules based on the Case Added trigger will be deleted! They need to be recreated manually with the Case Activity is added trigger with activity type Open Case.
    • Added condition Compare old participant status to new participant status
  • 2.9
    af67404e · Update info.xml ·
    Release 2.9
    • Adds new action: update participant status
    • Refactored the way triggers, actions and conditions are inserted in the database upon installation (#24).
    • Fixed the fatal error after copying a profile (#19).
    • Fixed php warning in CRM_CivirulesConditions_Contact_AgeComparison
    • Fixed Cancel button on Rule form returns to "random" page (now it returns to rule overview)
    • Fixed uncorrect behavior of isConditionValid with empty value (now returns FALSE)
    • Fixed issue 40 (#40) where the fresh install SQL scripts still create tables with CONSTRAINT ON DELETE RESTRICT rather than ON DELETE CASCADE. There is an upgrade action (2025) linked to this fix which will remove the current constraints on tables civirule_rule_action, civirule_rule_condition and civirule_rule_tag and replace them with CONSTRAINT ON DELETE CASCADE and ON UPDATE RESTRICT.
    • Introduces the option to take child groups into consideration for the condition 'contact is (not) in group'.
  • 2.8
    ad1b7703 · Update info.xml ·
    Release 2.8
    • "Set Thank You Date for a Contribution" action now supports options for time as well as date.
    • Added trigger for Event Date reached.
    • Added option to compare with original value in Field Value Comparison condition
    • Add a condition for contacts being within a specific domain. This is useful for multisite installations as it allows rules to only be executed on contacts that are within that domain's domain_group_id
  • 2.7   Version 2.7
    53ff3326 · fix info for 2.7 ·
    Release 2.7
    • fix #8 by changing constraint on civirule_rule_action, civirule_rule_condition and civirule_rule_tag (ON DELETE CASCADE)
    • fix default for included disabled on CivirulesView
  • 2.6   Version 2.6
    c1615642 · Update CHANGELOG.md ·
    Release 2.6


    • performance improvements (thank you @JonGold)
    • fix #23
    • add selection on trigger or action date on activity date condition (funded by AIVL)
    • new Manage Rules page replacing Find Rules custom search, also fixes #8 (funded by AIVL)
    • new trigger on membership end date
  • 2.5   Version 2.5
    Release 2.5


    • error with communication preferences
    • remove stray ) on form
    • if statement w/ wrong parens always returns true
    • issue with generic field comparison
    • deleting actions not working properly
    • github to gitlab info.xml
    • #22
  • 2.4   Version 2.4
    Release 2.4

    Introduces new conditions:

    • xth Contribution of Contact (of Financial Type(s))
    • Activity Date is (with limited functionality, open for further suggestions)

    Modifies the existing Contribution Paid by Instrument to be a multi-select.

  • 2.3   Version 2.3
    Release 2.3

    Adds condition on activity date

  • 2.2   Version 2.2
    aca41419 · Update info.xml ·
    Release 2.2

    Fixes for issues: #12 #13 #14 Merge requests: !4 !5 !6 !7

    Tested with CiviCRM 5.5.1

  • 2.1
    b74be2cf · fix #6 ·
    Release 2.1

    Fixes #1, #3, #4, #5 and #6 Introduces conditions for activity date (past and future)

  • 2.0
    ff8440f2 · Update info.xml ·
    Release 2.0

    Version 2.0

    • removed all the managed entities for CiviRules actions, conditions and triggers and replaced them with inserts. We have also removed the existing records in civicrm_managed. This solved quite a few reported issues
    • added 3 conditions to be used with Events:
      • Event Type
      • Participant Role
      • Participant Status
    • removed the managed entities from the Email API, the PDF API and the SMS API
    • added an option to select a location type for an email address in the Email API
    • added a Contact condition Contact Lives in (one of) Country(ies)
    • made sure the contact trash and restore are properly handled in CiviRules
    • removed a bunch of notices
    • removed an obsolete file
    • replaced some deprecated calls to CRM_Core_OptionGroup::getLabel
    • refactored all conditions to use the doesWorkWithTrigger function instead of the requiredEntities function, and updated the documentation to reflect this
    • fixed the Tag action so that it uses the Tag tree
    • done some small stuff on the side.
  • 1.23
    f81d7336 · Update info.xml ·
  • 1.22
  • 1.21
  • 1.20
  • 1.19
  • 1.18
  • 1.17
    4cc5b2eb · updated info.xml ·
  • 1.16