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Make Has/Does not have tag generic for supported entities

mattwire requested to merge mattwire/civirules:activityhastag into master

Previously the "Contact Has/Does not have tag" has a few issues:

  • It is available in the list of conditions for all entities because it was not defined "doesWorkWithTrigger" - fixed during refactor to make it generic.
  • It often does not work because contactID is not defined - fixed via 38b441ea.


  • Renamed to "Entity Has\/Does Not Have Tag(s)".
  • Works with entities that support tags in core: Contact, Activity, Case, File.

I did not test Case or File (they should work but I do not need them and they didn't work before).

I tested Contact and Activity and they both work well.

You may need to use a delay and recheck conditions because many times the tags are added after the entity is created/edited.

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