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#29 - Allow submitting from backend without cvv

DaveD requested to merge DaveD/authnet:allow-no-cvv-backend into master

See #29 (closed)

This worked in v2.4 - if the civicontribute component setting to require submitting without a cvv from the backend was off, then you could submit without a cvv. Now it gives an error.

I went with:

  • If it's present (e.g. optional but has been entered), then submit it regardless.
  • If it's not backend, then submit it.
  • If the civi setting requires it, then submit it.

I tested both front and backend. It's difficult from the authnet sandbox to tell what it checked and didn't, but you can trigger a fail by using cvv 901, so when that failed I at least knew it submitted it correctly.

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