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  • 1.3

    Major Changes

    • Added batch processing of actions. Also added the start and finish of a batch to the action provider class.
    • Added a getHelpText method for retrieving a a help text for each action

    Changed actions

    • The create PDF action now supports batching and it also returns the filename and url of the generated PDF.

    New actions

    • Get contact IDs from an activity
  • 1.2
    3ff3d043 · reset version number ·

    Renamed actions

    • Renamed the Create/Update Group action from Create to GroupCreate. If you are using the Create/Update Group action you have to reconfigure it.

    Other Major changes

    • Refactor of the action provider, so that list of available actions only contains the title, name and not the instaciated class (with all the loaded configuration, such as groups, option values etc..)
    • Create Address actions now also contains parameters for street name, housenumber and housenumber suffix
    • Added OptionGroupByNameSpecification for parameter and configuration specification where the name of the option value is used rather than the value.

    New actions

    • Create Contribution
    • Send E-mail
    • Send E-mail To Participants
    • Find message template by name
    • Create or Update relationship
    • Create or Update an E-mail address of an contact
    • Get e-mail address of an contact
    • Find Individual by Name and Email address
    • Get Relationship
    • Update Activity Status
    • Create PDF
  • 1.1
    47d07b2c · Update info.xml ·

    Version 1.1

    Many new actions added.

  • 1.0

    First release