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Support start/end dates on relationship create/update; related fixes

This supports relationship start/end dates on "Create or Update Relationship" and fixes some related logic errors.

Support Start/End Dates in "Create or Update Relationships"

  • getParameterSpecification() is identical in both CreateOrUpdateRelationship and CreateRelationship which it extends, so I removed getParameterSpecification() from the former.
  • Added handling of the start/end dates in CreateOrUpdateRelationship::doAction().
  • Improved label of "Set Start Date?" to "Set Start Date to Today?".

Fixed logic errors

  • In createRelationship(), if you enable "Set Start Date", it ignores both the Start Date and End Date parameters. I modified it to only ignore the Start Date parameter.
  • In createOrUpdateRelationship(), if an existing relationship is found, the end date is set to NULL. I don't think this is intentional, but if it is, I can put it back.

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