Update sales-tax-and-vat.md On line 1 "Tax" is capitalized.

On line 12 added space after "Term - ".

On line 16 "Tax" is capitalized.

On line 19 added space after "price - ".

On line 31 "Sales Tax" is capitalized to match the rest of the document.

On line 35 "Accounting Codes" is capitalized because it is in the UI.

On line 41 "Sales Tax" is capitalized.

On line 47 added "Sales Tax" to make "Sales Tax" bold I also capitalized Sales Tax as it is in the UI.

On line 52 added "Sales Tax Financial Account" Bolded this term and Sales Tax capitalized.

On line 53 added "Financial Accounts and Financial Type" Bolded Financial Accounts as the above listing.

On line 60 added "Financial Types and Financial Accounts" to be bolded as they are UI terms.

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