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totten requested to merge totten/dev:master-enttype-caveat into master

Following discussion on, this MR adds some more notes about usage of hook_civicrm_entityTypes.



Re: Civi::dispatcher()->addListener() and mixins -- How do we know it became OK? Well, the technique appears in entity-types-php@1 mixin (270d6e7d5a419c48c3632158922310ec9cf54f00, 61cb60ca1b19ca1780380a44334f35e16ffa0777) -- so we know that 5.57+ is OK. According to civix metadata, this mixin can be backported as far back as 5.45. (And IIRC, 5.45 did some general improvements to support Civi::dispatcher() in more of the early hooks.) So that's why I put 5.45.

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