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Custom theme

Sean Colsen requested to merge gh-6bea8e5b/46/seanmadsen/theme-custom into master

Created by: seanmadsen

Commits in this PR are based on my refactor in #45, so please merge #45 first.

Here is a custom theme implemented as an extension of the Material theme. screenshot11


  • CiviCRM colors and logo
  • Navigation to CiviCRM home page as well as docs home page
  • Display language and version in theme
  • Provide a link to "other editions". This takes the user to a home page for the book so that they can choose a different "edition" (i.e. language and version... and maybe someday PDF). The book home page is not yet set up, but will be soon.

This PR closes #42 (closed) and #15 (closed).

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