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......@@ -73,6 +73,9 @@ Each period has a different policy on accepting changes:
* The security team may approve patches for a security release. Security releases may only be published on the
first or third Wednesday of the month (US/Pacific time).
* If there are any subsequent updates, they will increment the third digit (`5.x.1`, `5.x.2`, etc).
* Some *Stable* periods are extended through the [Extended Security Release program](, during which:
* (Generally) Only security-fixes will be backported to ESR.
* (Rare cases) A critical regression-fix or a security feature *may* be backported to ESR.
(*For historical planning information from 4.7.x cycles, see [](doc/*)
......@@ -84,8 +87,10 @@ General rules:
* Dates are construed in US/Pacific time. Thus, a release on 7-Apr-21 (US/Pacific) may also viewed as 8-Apr-21 (AU/Eastern).
* All three main branches (development, RC, stable) are updated on the same day.
* Month-long periods are bounded by release dates (ie first Wed). Thus, the 5.3.x development period (May 2018) actually lasts from 2-May-18 to 6-Jun-18.
* A new ESR is designated every 6 months. ESR periods are back-to-back. The previous ESR remains active until the next ESR begins.
Those rules are not absolute -- exceptions may arise a couple times a year. For example:
* If the first Wed of a month coincides with major holiday (e.g. New Years Day), then it *could* be moved.
* If there's an important patch in development and it needs an extra day, then the new RC *could* be delayed by a day.
* Circa Dec 2019, one of the ESR periods was extended by a month to improve alignment with common downstream fundraising calendars.
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