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......@@ -80,6 +80,18 @@ particular bias/pre-commitment on this question. This is high-risk/high-reward
add *more* issues without resolving the old issues. Reward: if the new participants agree, then it can tilt the
balance more clearly.
## (Perceived) Conflicts of Interest
Historically there have been concerns that some PRs might be too easily accepted if a merger had some conflict of interest.
For example, if they worked for a company that had a client contract that would benefit from a core change, and a
colleague on the project submitted the PR. Would the merger potentially go easy on not requiring a unit test in order to
avoid the cost if their project was over budget? Would they merge a PR involving some controversial change
without ensuring the normal consultation it merits?
In such cases the practice has been for the merger with a potential conflict to mark the PR as 'merge-ready' and solicit a
different merger to do the merge. This provides a formal way to ensure impartiality and the perception of impartiality in
the merge process.
## Master, RC, and Stable
Each version passes through phases of development/alpha, RC/freeze/beta, and stable/maintenance. As a rule of
......@@ -96,7 +108,7 @@ The stages are discussed in more detail in the primary [](../
Three channels are generally important for anyone who merges:
* `product-maintenance` (public) - Planning/coordination around criticals and regressions
* `dev-post-release` (public) - Special escalation for new problemss that are distinct to the most recent release
* `dev-post-release` (public) - Special escalation for new problems that are distinct to the most recent release
* `mergers` (private) - Admin chatter
## History: Upgrades, customizations, 2.x - 5.x eras
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