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* The new `civicrm-X.Y.Z-drupal.tar.gz` is the default download.
Note that it may take some time to reflect default download on ``.
Assimilate [](
\ No newline at end of file
If this is a major release (e.g. 4.7.0):
* check that wiki doc header and versions widget are updated.
* Check Downloads page and links in (this appears to be invalid?)
* Check
* ~~update download links which appear on home page Download tab~~
* ~~search for content of type Download and update the links for each release with corresponding download link~~
* (I don't see these links, and the content in the nodes looks ancient – 4.4)
* Update the links in the demo and sandbox pages so that they reflect the latest version: and
* Update the Jenkins jobs
* Check to make sure this version has changed from "testing" to "stable" and previous stable version is either "lts" or "eol"
* Increment this section title (wink)
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