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    CRM-16243 - Extension API - Manage extensions by path · 3b3f6d23
    totten authored
    This allows one to enable or disable a series of extensions by path.
    This should be useful, for example, when integrating with `composer` or
    `drush make`. Without any knowledge of the specific extensions
    involved, one might:
     * If you download a bunch of extensions to a common dir (e.g.
       composer's `vendor/`) and need to enable them all, then run
       `cv api extension.install path=$PWD/vendor/*` (circa `post-install-cmd`)
     * If you're deleting a specific directory (e.g. via composer's
       `uninstall`), then remove it gracefully from the DB by running
       `cv api extension.disable path=$PKGDIR` (circa `pre-package-uninstall`)
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