Unverified Commit e24b1b0c authored by Seamus Lee's avatar Seamus Lee Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #14188 from seamuslee001/dev_core_931_5_14

Resolve #931 by not doing translation on the query if field e…
parents 06c6fed9 ce33da5a
......@@ -156,12 +156,12 @@ class CRM_Upgrade_Incremental_Base {
$domain = new CRM_Core_DAO_Domain();
$queries = [];
if (!CRM_Core_BAO_SchemaHandler::checkIfFieldExists($table, $column)) {
if (!CRM_Core_BAO_SchemaHandler::checkIfFieldExists($table, $column, FALSE)) {
if ($domain->locales) {
if ($localizable) {
$locales = explode(CRM_Core_DAO::VALUE_SEPARATOR, $domain->locales);
foreach ($locales as $locale) {
if (!CRM_Core_BAO_SchemaHandler::checkIfFieldExists($table, "{$column}_{$locale}")) {
if (!CRM_Core_BAO_SchemaHandler::checkIfFieldExists($table, "{$column}_{$locale}", FALSE)) {
$queries[] = "ALTER TABLE `$table` ADD COLUMN `{$column}_{$locale}` $properties";
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