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# Release Notes
These release notes are manually compiled from pull requests and Jira issues
starting with CiviCRM 4.7.14.
## CiviCRM 4.7.14
Released December 2016
### Features
#### Core CiviCRM
- **CRM_Utils_Check - Suggest using `[cms.root]`, etal
Add a system check to see if directories and resource URLs are using the new
path tokens—and report a message if not.
- **[CRM-19533]( System check
to see if important folders are writable
If CiviCRM can’t write to certain important folders, a system check message
should appear.
- **[CRM-19463]( Get
E2E_AllTests working on php7
Responses from SOAP requests to the API should be encoded properly to be
compatible with PHP 7
- **[CRM-19494]( Refactoring of
permission code ([9246](**
Improve performance of contact view/edit permissions
#### CiviCase
- **[CRM-19552]( Case API may
throw SQL errors when case_id not provided
The Case.update API will accept the `id` parameter as case ID if `case_id` is
#### Helper Scripts
- **bin/givi - Add backdrop support
Support Backdrop in the givi script.
### Bugs
#### Core CiviCRM
- **[CRM-19472]( Export headers
for relationships are in machine name format
Fixed problem where relationship type labels were not displaying correctly in
export files
- **[CRM-19380]( Allow for
multiple from email addresses but only one per domain
- **[CRM-19122]( Group
Organization & parent default code should be the same
In a multisite instance of CiviCRM, you should be able to set the group
organization for smart groups as well as static groups.
- **[CRM-19471]( Custom
relationships for custom contact types not available during export
Fixed problem where related contacts, related via relationship types specific
to contact subtypes, were not available in the export screen.
- **[CRM-19079]( Profile edit
permission checks bypass standard route in WP
Fixed problem in WordPress where the normal permission checks and hooks were
bypassed on profiles in edit mode.
- **[CRM-19490]( Add a “short
date” format setting to allow for localized display of dates in profile fields
When date fields appear in profiles on the confirmation page of contribution
pages, they should show the date in the localized format.
- **[CRM-17616]( Moving to an
arbitrary search page result could lead to incomplete results
When viewing hundreds of rows in search results, a cache is kept of the next
several hundred rows; this cache should be filled and sized according to the
page being viewed.
- **Minor comment fix
- **[CRM-19511]( Disabled
fields still visible in "Import Multi-value Custom Data"
When importing multi-value custom data, disabled custom fields should not be
available for import.
- **[CRM-19512]( Ensure that
language param is always passed in for navigation script url
When getting a locale, there should always be a result; `en_US` is the
- **[CRM-19528](
Internationalise "Select Code" on contributions page widget tab
The US English words “select code” on the contribution page widget should be
- **[CRM-19313]( Can't assign
custom group to relationships with two contact subtypes involved
([9287]( and
- **[CRM-19529](
Upcoming/Recent Case Activities results into "Network Error" in PHP 7
- **[CRM-18953]( Better cleanup
of news widget markup
Formatting tags and style should be stripped out of news items in the CiviCRM
News dashlet
- **[CRM-19513]( Saved search
is incorrectly using IN rather than BETWEEN for custom fields for civicrm
group cache ([9284](**
A smart group based upon a search by range should include the whole range, not
just the extremes.
- **[CRM-19540]( UFGroup API
does not respect name parameter
Creating a profile through the API should allow you to specify a machine name
rather than have it generated from the title
- **[CRM-19541]( Custom Date
Range saved search doesn't sets default values to the input
After creating a smart group, the values displayed in the search form should
reflect the smart group criteria. Until this fix, range criteria for a date
field weren’t filled.
- **[CRM-19559]( Handling for
postal_code missing in CRM_Contact_BAO_Contact_Utils::contactDetails()
Fixed problem when Postal Code is enabled in Settings :: Search Preferences ::
Autocomplete Contact Search it was not retrieved in Contribute, Activity,
Member and Event batch forms.
- **[CRM-19543]( api fields set
to '0' are not passed to _civicrm_api3_api_match_pseudoconstant for validation
An integer field with the value “0” should not bypass validation
- **[CRM-19563]( Mappings from
search builder saved with mapping_type_id = NULL
When creating a smart group from search builder, the mapping type should be
set as “Search Builder”, and the mapping should not appear in the
import/export mappings list.
- **[CRM-19278]( Google
Geocoding - Errors are ignored
If Google returns an error while geocoding (other than not finding any results
for the address), the error message should be logged.
#### Accounting
- **[CRM-19485]( Selector issue
on Batch trxn assignment page
When the financial batch assignment list refreshes, if the select-all checkbox
is checked, all transactions should be checked.
#### CiviCampaign
- **[CRM-19536]( Type is not
defined for field campaign_id in CRM_Report_Form->whereClause()
Reports should treat `campaign_id` as an integer.
#### CiviCase
- **Select correct activity if more than one in upcoming or recent period
The upcoming case activity displayed with a case should be the one coming up
soonest within the next 14 days. Similarly, the recent case activity should
be the most recent one within the past 14 days.
- **Remove phony fk info from case api
No longer specify foreign key APIs for contact and activity IDs in the case
API spec
- **[CRM-19506]( API Regression -
conflicting uniquename in CaseContact DAO
Record the contact ID in `civicrm_case` table as `contact_id` rather than
- **Remove accidental debug statement
#### CiviContribute
- **[CRM-19539]( Bug prevents
error message to be shown on pledge contribution import
Importing pledges with problems should generate meaningful error messages
- **[CRM-3795]( 'Bcc' fields on
the contribution pages behave like 'Cc'
This provides some commentary on the fix, which was included in 4.7.11
- **[CRM-19561]( When using Pay
Later with a Price Set, Contribution Details in Email Receipt are Blank
Fixed problem on online contributions where pay-later contributions with price
sets had no contribution details.
#### CiviEvent
- **[CRM-19535]( Workflow that
inadvertently cancels all registrants all enabled events
Fixed problem where bulk actions on participants of a disabled event instead
take effect on participants of all enabled events.
- **[CRM-19550]( Standalone
participant/add form does not properly check for duplicates
When registering a contact for an event from the backend, the form should
prevent the registration if that contact has already been registered.
- **[CRM-18594]( Creating event
templates throws an 'Invalid Entity Filter' exception
Test that events can have text as the event type.
#### CiviGrant
- **[CRM-19543]( contact_id
should be marked as required on grant api
The Grant API spec should indicate that `contact_id`, `status_id`, and
`amount_total` are required.
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