Unverified Commit 063dac3a authored by colemanw's avatar colemanw Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #15350 from seamuslee001/lab_core_1276

Ensure that price_field_value rows aren't duplicated when editing pri…
parents 91f615be b707854e
......@@ -116,6 +116,7 @@ class CRM_Price_BAO_PriceField extends CRM_Price_DAO_PriceField {
foreach ($fieldOptions['values'] as $option) {
$optionsIds['id'] = $option['id'];
$params['option_id'] = [1 => $option['id']];
// CRM-19741 If we are dealing with price fields that are Text only set the field value label to match
if (!empty($params['id']) && $priceField->label != $option['label']) {
$fieldValue = new CRM_Price_DAO_PriceFieldValue();
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