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    checksum_timeout - Use consistent naming · 92a8de72
    totten authored
    This was a weird one:
     * The admin form rendered HTML element "checksumTimeout" but saved setting "checksum_timeout", which required workarounds.
     * The runtime code read the setting as "checksum_timeout".
     * The metadata defined setting "checksumTimeout". `prefetch` is enabled, but there's no `config_key` or `legacy_key`.
    I believe this means that the runtime and admin form worked (because they
    agreed that the name was "checksum_timeout"), but the Setting API would not
    work (because it used "checksumTimeout").
    This revision standardizes on "checksum_timeout" on the theory that
    "checksum_timeout" was the actual value used at runtime. This means:
     * If you had configured the form and had it working correctly, it should
       still work correctly.
     * If you had a script to set "checksumTimeout" via API, then it wasn't
       working before, and it's still not working now.
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