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    (NFC) Apply upcoming civicrm/coder policies (batch 2) · 5d4fcf54
    totten authored
    * Checkout latest merged branch of civicrm/coder (`8.x-2.x-civi`)
    * Run this command to autoclean a batch of 100 files
      `PG=2 SIZE=100 ; find Civi/ CRM/ api/ bin/ extern/ tests/ -name '*.php' | grep -v /examples/ | grep -v /DAO/ | sort | head -n $(( $PG  * $SIZE )) | tail -n $SIZE | xargs phpcbf-civi`
    * Go through the diff. For anything that looks wonky, open in an editor and find a better solution.
    Note: The automated checker makes good points about awkward indentation, but the automated cleanup often makes it
    worse.  So that's why I have to open it up.
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