Project space for efforts focused on sustainability.

Potential sources of grant funding

  • NLNet Foundation, for Internet resilience. €30,000, 100%, quarterly calls, next: Feb 1st 2019:
  • Global Innovation Fund, for social/technical innovations helping those on under $5 in developing world. Funding at 3 levels: up to $230k, up to $2.3m & up to $15m. 3-12 months application/due diligence process depending on each
  • Open Technology Fund, three areas: Internet Freedom Fund ($10k-900k, typically $50-$200k), Core Infrastructure Fund ($5k-$300k) and Rapid Response Fund ($1-$50k), plus fellowships
  • Mozilla Open Source Support Awards, $5k-$250k. CiviCRM currently has a $5k seed fund, being managed here: Areas: Foundational Technology (tech Mozilla uses); Global Mission Partners (tech that advances Mozilla's mission); Secure Open Source Fund (security audits for commonly used FOSS projects).

Completed awards

  1. Mozilla ($5k) core team support with surveys. Main survey findings here.

Community funding (~52% of income)

Community funding includes:

  • General contributions (2%)
  • Make It Happen campaigns (8%) - note that a portion of this is paid to MIH organizers/developers
  • Partner dues (29%) | The Partner Program
  • Member dues (3%)
  • Technology partnerships (10%)