Project space for efforts focused on sustainability.

Potential sources of grant funding

  • NLNet Foundation, for Internet resilience. €30,000, 100%, quarterly calls, next: Feb 1st 2019:
  • Global Innovation Fund, for social/technical innovations helping those on under $5 in developing world. Funding at 3 levels: up to $230k, up to $2.3m & up to $15m. 3-12 months application/due diligence process depending on each
  • Open Technology Fund, three areas: Internet Freedom Fund ($10k-900k, typically $50-$200k), Core Infrastructure Fund ($5k-$300k) and Rapid Response Fund ($1-$50k), plus fellowships
  • Mozilla Open Source Support Awards, $5k-$250k. CiviCRM currently has a $5k seed fund, being managed here: Areas: Foundational Technology (tech Mozilla uses); Global Mission Partners (tech that advances Mozilla's mission); Secure Open Source Fund (security analysis for commonly used FOSS projects). - closed since 2020, with a new Mozilla Technology Fund specifically for AI-related projects.

Completed awards

  1. Mozilla ($5k) core team support with surveys. Main survey findings here.
  2. Mozilla Secure Open Source Fund, to cover a detailed security analysis of CiviCRM in early 2020. No specific figure, but was 31 days of audits, penetration test and analysis by Dr Mario Heiderich and team at Cure53.

Community funding (~52% of income)

Community funding includes:

  • General contributions (2%)
  • Make It Happen campaigns (8%) - note that a portion of this is paid to MIH organizers/developers
  • Partner dues (29%) | The Partner Program
  • Member dues (3%)
  • Technology partnerships (10%)