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Feature request

Project ID: 54

Project space for organizing, discussing and ranking proposals for new features and improvements to CiviCRM.

This space aims to be an "in between" before starting work on a new feature. The aim is ultimately to improve CiviCRM, but please keep in mind that a feature request does not mean that it will be implemented. A request must be clear, useful to the wider community, have people interested in implemented it and ideally a funding source.

The ideal pipeline is to have:

Please under that even if someone contributes the code, the core team and the wider CiviCRM community must still continue maintaining the code in the long term.

Posting guidelines:

  • Please post on CiviCRM's Stack Exchange first. Every feature request is first and foremost a support request. The conclusion of that support request should be that this requires adding a new feature in CiviCRM.
  • When posting a new feature request, please post a reference to the Stack Exchange and/or Mattermost discussion.
  • Try to frame it as a user story. Is your question from the point of view of a donor/member/user? administrator? developer?
  • Tell us a bit about yourself. Provide a link to your organisation or company website. This helps put things in context.
  • Sometimes you will be generous enough to do an initial specification of something you would like to see added either to core or as an extension. If the spec fits in a page or two, just put it here in feature-requests. If the spec is longer, make a new project, either here or in your own github/gitlab space. Add an issue+link to the feature-requests wiki for anyone who wants to browse/upvote general ideas.

Review guidelines:

  • todo