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Documented adding dataprocessors to your extension

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# Version 1.42 (not yet released)
* Documented adding dataprocessors to your extension.
* Ability to return multi-valued field as an array.
# Version 1.41
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ The extension is licensed under [AGPL-3.0](LICENSE.txt).
* [Available Hooks](docs/
* [Add your own data source for a CiviCRM Entity](docs/
* Add your own data source for a CSV File
* How to store a data processor in code in your extension
* * [Add your own data source for a CiviCRM Entity](docs/
* [Data Flow Classes](docs/dev/ - Overview of all the available data flow classes.
* [Develop PHPUnit TestCase for the extension](docs/
# Add a dataprocessor to your extension
Adding dataprocessors to an extension allows you to put them in version control and move them in a structured way from development to production. And dataprocessors can provide custom reports, custom tokens and custom action lists.
Dataprocessors creates a dependence on the `dataprocessor` extension. Its good practice to add this to the `info.xml` file.
Create in your extension a subdirectory with the name `data-processors`. Export your dataprocessors and copy them to
this directory. Now they can be imported with the following code.
CRM_Dataprocessor_Utils_Importer::importFromExtensions('<your extension>');
If you want the dataprocessors installed directly after the installation of the extension, use the `postInstall` method of the Upgrader class.
public function postInstall() {
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