Authored by totten

zetacomponents/mail (CiviCRM circa 5.23)

This patch was previously committed to CiviCRM (tools/scripts/composer/patches/civicrm-custom-patches-zetacompoents-mail.patch) and applied via cweagans/composer-patches. However, the use of relative-paths to apply patches is problematic when patches are loaded transitively (as in Drupal 8 site-root).

Referencing the patch as a fully-formed URL is said to resolve this. In examples from D8 world, you see composer.json examples which reference patch-files as attachments in the project-management system.

If this patch needs to be changed in the future, then please:

  1. Post the updated patch to or (as an file-attachment/snippet/gist)
  2. Submit a PR to to modify composer.json to reference the new patch.

When it comes time to execute tests on PRs, execute tests on RCs, or tag stables releases, this should behave in an intuitive fashion.

civicrm-custom-patches-zetacompoents-mail.patch 1.36 KB
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