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- An interesting feature of ckeditor5 is that you can do more Gutenberg-like edit in place.
This would make sense possibly on a contribution page. No current plans.
## File mannager
## A word about builds
ckeditor has a concept of builds constructed with npm. To change some components
(e.g include base64 uploader) it is necessary to used a build. These can be generated
using the [online builder]( Alternatively
the classic editor [can be downloaded & installed](
In the latter case there is no build or src directory or additional files. So far I have just
downloaded & committed these as they come from the above links.
## File manager
An ongoing challenge with ckeditor4 as implemented with CiviCRM is that the filemanager (kcfinder)
is pretty hard to work with and requires some hacks to be able to figure out paths.
Supports Markdown
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