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Remove SMS tracking survey project - this has been superceeded by other work

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......@@ -123,26 +123,6 @@ voice blasts (robocalls) to contacts using Plivo's API. CiviSurvey question type
easy to collect responses for over the phone.
## SMS Tracking Survey
Themes: Extension, Usability, Data enhancing
Potential Mentor: JohnFF (Primary) , Joe Murray
Organizational Feedback :
Future First has an SMS Tracking Survey, originally made by Third Sector Design. Since then it's been tweaked
and cleaning/evaluating tools have been added. But it's still ropey, with deadlocking issues and a lot of FF
customisations. The parts that translate a response into a field should be made to be generic and settable
through an interface.
The objective here is to make it possible to release this extension as a standalone product.
An option would be to refactor current extension so that the UI for creating the survey, selecting recipients and
associating the activities with the recipients is done mostly through the existing CiviSurvey component. Thiswould improve the usability of CiviCRM overall, and reduce the code maintenance effort. Major tasks would then
be: 1) hooking in the use of SMS, 2) generalizing the method used to semi-automatically convert 'dirty' data
responses from free text entry into clean data for the Activity fields (called translating the response in current
implementation), and 3) support branching to next question based on response received for current question.
## RTL Languages Support
Themes: Translation, i18n.
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