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......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ These are ideas for projects suggested by potential mentors or members of the Ci
GSoC students are free to propose projects that are not on this list, but will need to work with the community to
find a qualified mentor for the project.
## Multi currency memberships
Potential Mentors: Pradeep Nayak?, Joe Murray
......@@ -180,3 +181,27 @@ Themes: Reporting, Usability, SQL
Potential Mentors: Noah Miller (seeking others!)
CiviCRM users need a more powerful Search Builder -- with an easier-to-use interface, nested AND/OR groupings, the ability to find contacts who are not in a given group, ability to search more entities and fields, maybe the ability to specify joins, etc etc. I believe this could be done in an extension.
## Static Analysis
Themes: static analysis, continuous integration, PHP, Jenkins
Potential Mentors: Joe Murray, (seeking others!)
The GSoC student will evaluate open-source PHP static analysis tools (e.g. PHPStan) and build the necessary scaffolding to allow static analysis to be run on the CiviCRM codebase.
The successful completion of this project will involve configuring a static analysis tool as part of the CiviCRM continuous integration Jenkins-based toolchain.
## Gitlab to Github integration + Github issues
Themes: Probot, Gitlab & Github integration
The GSoC student will evaluate existing Probot forks and if necessary create a new fork. The goal being to allow for integration between Gitlab and Github.
The succesful completion of this project will involve:
1) Adding specific comments to a Github Pull Request will result in certain tags being added or removed
2) Adding links to GitLab issues from Github PRs
Difficulty: Easy
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