Commit e6de6900 authored by mattwire's avatar mattwire
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Make sure report totals are calculated correctly if decimal separator is not dot for currency

parent 7325f5dc
......@@ -279,8 +279,32 @@ class CRM_Civigiftaid_Report_Form_Contribute_GiftAid extends CRM_Report_Form {
return $statistics;
* Post process function.
public function postProcess() {
// get ready with post process params
// build query
$sql = $this->buildQuery();
// build array of result based on column headers. This method also allows
// modifying column headers before using it to build result set i.e $rows.
$rows = [];
$this->buildRows($sql, $rows);
$this->assign('statistics', $this->statistics($rows));
// format result set.
// assign variables to templates
$this->assign_by_ref('columnHeaders', $this->_columnHeaders);
$this->assign_by_ref('rows', $rows);
// do print / pdf / instance stuff if needed
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