Commit 407994cb authored by mattwire's avatar mattwire
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Merge branch 'eligiblefinancialtypes' into 'master'

Fix getting eligible financial types setting

See merge request extensions/ukgiftaid!19
parents 5b1cbbda b758d83e
......@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ class CRM_Civigiftaid_SetContributionGiftAidEligibility {
* Whether eligible or not.
private static function financialTypeIsEligible($financialType) {
$eligibleFinancialTypes = explode(',', CRM_Civigiftaid_Settings::getValue('financial_types_enabled'));
$eligibleFinancialTypes = \Civi::settings()->get('civigiftaid_financial_types_enabled');
return in_array($financialType, $eligibleFinancialTypes);
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