User Reviews

Campaign to promote/encourage user reviews on popular review sites.

List of sites to target:

Example report: http://www.softwareadvice.com/nonprofit/fundraising-software-comparison/#top-products

Breakdown of report methodology (from Software Advice)

Being a "pacesetter" means that your Value score was relatively lower than the other FrontRunners; However, all products that qualify as FrontRunners are top performing products in their market. In fact, CiviCRM surpassed >260 other products on both Value and Capability for this spot on the FrontRunners quadrant.

However, the Value score does not take into account the cost of the software. This is why the free offering of your product would not necessarily impact the value score. What goes into the Value score is:

  • User ratings on the value of the software relative to its cost, on a scale from one (not at all valuable) to five (very valuable)
  • User ratings on overall satisfaction with the product
  • User ratings on their likelihood to recommend the product to others
  • The total number of user reviews they have
  • The monthly Google search volume for terms related to their product
  • The relative number of professionals in the marketplace who claim to have experience or expertise with their product

For a video example on how the Value score is calculated, you can view this video here: https://softwareadvice.wistia.com/medias/tivq1fgdyr