Marketing Admin

Marketing Admin

Meta project for marketing group. More details: getting started with marketing and marketing chat channel

Welcome to the CiviCRM Marketing Group detail page. The central purpose of this group is to promote the CiviCRM project effectively, resulting in a healthy, growing ecosystem. Some quick details for you:

This is what we do (concept)

CiviCRM is an open source, community developed and community supported CRM solution aimed at non-profits. The CiviCRM marketing working group is committed to help grow the CiviCRM ecosystem consisting of organizations and individuals that use CiviCRM, organizations and individuals that enhance, customize and implement CiviCRM and organizations and individuals that want to be part of the CiviCRM community for any other reason.

With growing the ecosystem we mean:

  • ensure as many non-profits as possible know about CiviCRM
  • ensure as many potential developers as possible know they can make a living and have an impact on social good with CiviCRM
  • ensure as many potential supporting organizations as possible know about CiviCRM and the community

This is what we think we need to do to achieve this:

  • having lots of Civi events (CiviCamps, meetups and sprints) around the globe
  • having a presence on the web and social media
  • presenting, demoing and storytelling about CiviCRM and the community wherever we can

Underlying principles

The CiviCRM community is global and diverse. Regional differences, different types of organizations with diverse internal cultures using it and diverse organizations supporting it as solution providers, consultancy organizations, hosting companies, individual developers etc. Central co-ordination of marketing is virtually impossible but would also not fit the community spirit or the diversity of CiviCRM contexts all over the globe.

The CiviCRM marketing workgroup wants to

  • ensure that we as a community share as much of our marketing successes and failures as possible so we can learn from each other
  • assist and be a source of information and inspiration to any organization and/or individual that wants to organize CiviCRM events, promote CiviCRM at other events or has any other marketing idea
  • come up with their own marketing ideas and get funding for them from the CiviCRM community

Project space for the Marketing Group admin documents and files.

Next meeting: February 13th 2019


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