Commit ebbc5f09 authored by bgm's avatar bgm Committed by Aegir user

cividownload: add link to ESR blog post.

parent 2116164b
...@@ -34,23 +34,8 @@ ...@@ -34,23 +34,8 @@
print render($block['content']); print render($block['content']);
?> ?>
<h3 class="thick capital">Previous version support</h3> <h3 class="thick capital">Extended Security Releases</h3>
<p>The latest <?php echo substr($content['civicrm_lts_version'], 0, 3); ?> release CiviCRM is <?php echo $content['civicrm_lts_version']; ?>. Select a download based on the content management software (CMS) you are using.</p> <p>Need security support for a previous version of CiviCRM? <a href="">Read more about Extended Security Releases</a>.</p>
<?php foreach ($content['download_urls'] as $key => $values) {
if (!in_array('4.6', $values['versions'])) continue;
$url = $values['url'];
if (arg(1) == 'list' && variable_get('cividownload_mode') == 2 ) {
$url = "{$content['civicrm_lts_version']}-" . $values['filename'];
<a href="<?php echo $url;?>" target="_blank">Download CiviCRM <?php echo $content['civicrm_lts_version']; ?> <?php echo $values['title']; ?></a></li>
<?php } ?>
<p>Older versions of CiviCRM are archived for download at <a href="">Sourceforge</a>.</p>
<!-- Partner view --> <!-- Partner view -->
<?php echo views_embed_view('partners_and_contributors', 'block_4'); ?> <?php echo views_embed_view('partners_and_contributors', 'block_4'); ?>
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