Commit d2341829 authored by Mathieu Lutfy's avatar Mathieu Lutfy Committed by Aegir user

new.css: minor fixes for Spark signup

parent 72b25477
......@@ -3853,6 +3853,16 @@ table.cividiscount input.crm-form-submit {
display: none; /* hide the 'source/referral' field */
.crm-contribution-page-id-89 #custom_256,
.crm-contribution-page-id-100 #custom_256 {
width: 350px !important; /* org/site name, make wider, similar to other nearby fields */
.crm-contribution-page-id-89 #s2id_custom_271,
.crm-contribution-page-id-100 #s2id_custom_271 {
width: 360px !important; /* site language: make wider, similar to other nearby fields, all options on one line */
/* Extended-Support-specific */
.crm-contribution-page-id-104 .cividiscount {
display: none;
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