Commit 884fff8c authored by Nic's avatar Nic Committed by Aegir user

CSS revisions: fixes, event sponsor page, event sub-menu

parent 00173e42
...@@ -59,8 +59,9 @@ body.front.admin-menu .CiviPage { ...@@ -59,8 +59,9 @@ body.front.admin-menu .CiviPage {
margin-top: 60px; margin-top: 60px;
} }
body.admin-menu.node-type-conference .region.region-content, body.admin-menu.node-type-conference .region.region-content,
body.admin-menu.node-type-civicamp .region.region-content { body.admin-menu.node-type-civicamp .region.region-content,
margin: -12px 0px -19px 0px; #block-views-civicamp-block-4 {
margin: -12px 0px -19px 0px !important;
} }
body.node-type-civicamp .region.region-content { body.node-type-civicamp .region.region-content {
margin: 40px 0px -19px 0px; margin: 40px 0px -19px 0px;
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